Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hey, Where the Heck Did I Go? SEO Disappears From Blog!!!

Apologies for not tending to this blog more frequently. I keep two other blogs active and this poor, lonesome pile of pixels seems to be neglected. So much to do, so little time.

So, where the heck did I go and what can we learn from this unexplained absence?

Working for a Livin'
Love Huey Lewis and the News. Any way, I've been writing for clients whose checks clear. And the topics are all over the board, from selling services in a small community to knowledge management and its inherent bias. (Actually the most fun of all.)

Here's the point: you never know what's going to float over the transom and land on your desk so (1) remember every inane fact and statistic you ever hear and (2) learn to use the web to research 'cause if it's been wrote it's somewhere on line.

If you want to do this for a living, or at least make it worth your time, you have to be able to conduct research quickly - plow through an academic article and make sense of some technology you never heard of. So, first I've been working and that's always a good thing for a good copywriter. Oh, and blogs take second place to a check that clears.

Flogging My Blogs
In addition to this little piece of heaven, I post to two other blogs and have a website that is the ultimate landing spot for prospects. So, I post to my other two blogs more frequently and the more I (or you blog) the faster you get indexed. It's amazing. I can post this little riff this morning and this afternoon they'll be and e-mail alert in my in-box. I love search engines.

But search engine bots get tired of coming back and seeing the same-old same-old. So, add a post now and then. In this case, I post 4-6 times on my other blogs and that drives more traffic to my site than Google organic for my primary keyword - freelance seo copywriter. 

Off-site blogs  create more targets for surfers. Just make sure that all of your contact points are linked so your blogs are tied to your Linkedin profile, MySpace, twitter, etc. This creates your own little weblet, which in turn, creates a larger presence on the web and more site traffic

And I've seen a nice little jump in my alexa.com numbers, my google analytics and I've gotten three new gigs in the past month from folks who saw a blog post, a piece of syndicated content or an answer on Linkedin - all free, guerrilla marketing.

So, I am sorry for being absent but I have been working building SERPs links. Last time I checked i was over 1,800.

Get the picture?