Tuesday, April 23, 2013

5 Easy Tips to Keep Them On-Site Longer

It takes a lot of time, energy and, sometimes, cash to lure visitors to a client’s site, so once you get them there you want to keep them there as long as possible.

Why? Well, the longer visitors stay on site the more likely they are to perform the most desired action – from subscribing to a newsletter to calling your client on the phone.

Second, time on site is something search engines value. More time on site per visitor is better.

1. Use teasers. Visitors are often looking for information. Use short paragraphs that ask questions visitors want answered. Follow this text with a CLICK HERE link.

This pulls visitors deeper into the site. And, if you provide good information, and answer visitors’ questions, they just might explore the site. More time on site. More page views. Search engines like page views, too.

2. Create a compelling headline. The headline is half the job. It’s the first thing visitors see, it’s the first thing they read, and you use it to capture their attention. “7 Tips to Improve Your Family Finances” is the kind of headline that’ll keep readers reading.

3. Use embedded text links. These links appear within a specific context of the site content. So, if the text reads, “Every family should have life insurance coverage” and “life insurance” appears in the traditional blue font, visitors looking for information (or prices) for term life insurance are likely to click on that link, pulling them deeper in to the site.

4. Keep navigation clear, simple and consistent. If visitors have trouble navigating a client’s website, they’ll go to another website that’s easier to navigate.

5. Use incentives. Create links on the home page, and all landing pages, offering a 20% discount, free in-home service, free shipping, a free consultation – something that delivers immediate benefit to visitors.

These links pull visitors deeper into the site, pique interest and increase conversion ratios because everybody likes FREE.

Good, useful content keeps visitors on site longer. Stop selling. Start helping, and watch your client site rank higher thanks to you.


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