Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Five Ways to Make Money Online: It's NOT Just About Adverbs

5 Ways to Make Money Online:
It’s Not Just About Adverbs

Yep, this is a freelance web writer blog, but all of us are in the business of business – earning money to pay the bills, or at least trying to.

So, because we’re freelance web writers, we focus on selling words. Sometimes a few words. Sometimes a 250-page ebook on the dry cleaning industry. Writing is writing. Work is work.

However, there’s more ways to earn a few bucks than just selling words. These work for me.

Sign up for Adsense. Google places its little blue cube adverts on your blog or website page, and every time a visitor clicks on a Google ad, you get a few pennies.

You won’t get rich, but you don’t have to do anything except sign up.

Why add Adsense?

  • ads provided by Google; you control add placement on site

  • customized ads

  • ads in text and/or motion formats

  • ads are contextual based on the keywords entered by the search engine user

  • you control which ads appear on your site or blog, i.e., no competing sites or sites with questionable subject matter

  • you get paid each time click-throughs reach $100

  • it’s FREE

Take on a couple of affiliates. Affiliate marketing is a money maker. You display ads for affiliates on your website or blog, and collect some cash each time a visitor clicks on the INTEL ad shining in the right column.

Affiliate agreements are different for each company so read the fine print. Choose affiliates related to the services you offer. For example, your web writer website will see more click-throughs for ads on web hosting, electronics, software and other products related to creating a website.

Sell proprietary products. Stuff you write once and sell over and over again.

Some of our members sell lists and reviews of bid-fer sites. Good idea. At least one member sells mentoring services to noob freelances. Write it once, then sell it as a download, a course, a webinar, or rent space at the local hotel and hold a seminar on building a successful website.

You bet they’ll show up.

If you write it, you own it, and if it generates revenues for years to come – BINGO! – you’re earning money for something you wrote 10 years ago.

Provide consultation. Most new website owners don’t know a landing page from a landing strip, but you can teach new site owners all kinds of useful information – and you don’t have to charge a bundle because it’s usually a few phone calls.

Do remember that you’re paid, in this case, for what you know. It has value. Write up a short doc on website design and ecommerce as an “ethical bribe” for signing up for a consultation.

Create a referral system. You’re a writer, or maybe a coder who writes or a writer who codes. In any case, chances are you don’t do it “all.”

Create a contacts file of companies and individuals who can deliver the services you don’t, won’t or can’t. Your Rolodex should be chock full of numbers for everyone from voice-over talent to HTML coders who have the patience to hand-code a website.

Many clients need additional services. Refer them to one of the professionals in your contacts file and get a little “finder’s fee” when your associate lands the job.

Only refer clients to people and companies you’ve worked with, or know personally. Don’t charge the client a fee. It comes from the provider who designs a brochure for your client, using the content you wrote. Win-win-win.

Hey, drop me a line to learn more about ecommerce, web design and how to market products or services online. It ain't rocket science.


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