Saturday, February 14, 2009

Looking for a Flex Checkout? Check Out osCommerce

If you’re just in the planning stages of building your web site, you may be overwhelmed by all of the different aspects of site design, construction, administration and marketing. Unless you’ve been occupying web space for a while, all of these different software packages are enough to discourage anyone from launching a web site. Fortunately, the processes involved in creating and running a commercial site (a site that sells a product or service) have been vastly simplified with an OSS (open source software, which means it’s free) called osCommerce.


Create Your Look With osCommerce

Because osCommerce is OSS, it’s being updated and refined constantly by knowledgeable coders and site designers, who add more and more features to simplify your on-line life. osCommerce has it all.


With this one piece of software, you can design the look and feel of your site’s presentation layer using dozens of attractive templates, color selections and your choice of type fonts to give your site the look you have a mind, from quiet and dignified to totally rad and back again. Just click on the template you like, add your text and you’ve developed the site skin in just a couple of hours. Oh, and changing the look of your site is also easy with osCommerce.


If you do run in to trouble (it happens sometimes) simply call the Speed Fox toll-free number to connect with our help desk where you’ll find nice people who can actually help.


The Back Office

osCommerce is much more than an easy-to-use site builder. This powerful tool also enables you to maintain accurate inventory records and shipping records. The package also provides a shopping cart and a consumer-friendly checkout designed to instill confidence and allay fears in buyers. (Read on)


You don’t need programming skills. You don’t even need to know what HTML is. osCommerce provides top-down features to simplify your daily on-line store chores and to facilitate marketing and promotion campaigns to get your new site noticed quickly by search engines and buyers looking for what you sell. osCommerce automatically creates search engine friendly URLs to make sure spiders “get you” when they roam your site.




osCommerce Benefits For You

In addition to simplifying the design, launch and operation of your web site, osCommerce delivers numerous benefits to new cyber store owners and old veterans at e-commerce.


You can manage products or services with equal ease.


You can add or change content, including product images, with a few clicks of the mouse.


Security is always an issue with black hats (hackers, crackers, etc.) roaming the on-line landscape. Your site is protected automatically with a fully-encrypted, password accessed administrator’s office only you and trusted associates can access. It keeps the kids out of the office.


Contact your buyers by e-mail automatically, generating a shipping invoice that’s delivered to the buyer’s e-mail box as soon as the order is finalized – usually in a matter of minutes.


Manage customer care to ensure that your site’s customer base continues to expand. All orders are automatically added to an infinitely flexible database, enabling you to access customer and order information in seconds.


Print shipping labels directly from the computer screen. Enter the data once and it’s used over and over, saving hours of administrative time.


You can even go multi-lingual to increase the number of shoppers on your site – shoppers from around the globe 24/7. Now that’s sweet.


Want more from this OSS? Regular customers can maintain multiple shipping addresses (great for holiday shopping), complete search functions take visitors to the exact products they’re looking for, develop site analytics to determine your best sellers (then put these items on the “Bestseller’s Page” to drive more traffic to your biggest sellers).


The osCommerce Shopping Experience

The easier it is to make a sale, the more sales you’re going to make and osCommerce makes shopping fun. The osCommerce shopping cart is under the complete control of the visitor who can add and delete products, change quantities and obtain total cost of the items in the cart before arriving at the osCommerce Checkout. Convenient, easy and totally accurate.


The osCommerce Checkout

The checkout is where many sales are lost as buyers abandon their shopping carts because the checkout procedures are complicated, unclear or simply don’t create that level of trust required to enter a credit card number. The osCommerce Checkout is simplicity itself for both buyers and site owners.


The Checkout is also a wonder at keeping records, order information and even an automated, personalized thank you e-mail sent with the order shipment.


Order Fulfillment

Another time-consuming, data processing, keyboard chore cut down to size with osCommerce. You can track order status from the moment the order is placed to delivery to the final destination. Shipping and handling are figured automatically based on your criteria. Induce visitors to buy more by offering free shipping on orders over X dollars. The software even takes care of calculating taxes based on shipping address.

From the look of your site, to getting chummy with search engine spiders, and from automated administration to easy order fulfillment, osCommerce will deliver the site traffic you envision – and you don’t have to hire an expensive site designer or purchase expensive site management software. 


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